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The solutions offered by Nethix for the remote control allow companies engaged in the field of water management the possibility of controlling parameters as water flow level, activation of pumps and valves and similar efficiently and in real time. This brings to a reduction of the maintenance costs and grants a constant quality of the service.

Following functions are available on Nethix remote control devices:

 Remote control and activation
They allow to switch on and off automatically electronic devices or systems at the crossing of preset thresholds or at the reaching of predetermined values.

 System monitoring and diagnostcs
Through a constant monitoring of the system, it's possible to avoid dis-functions or faults of the system and reduce accordingly the maintenance and repair costs.
The remote control by web, SMS or email can also help in the everyday maintenance, avoiding the very expensive on-site presence of technicians.

Management of historic and statistic data
Nethix devices allow to collect, send or elaborate all data recorded by the system.
All records can be then easily read on smartphone, tablet, PC or on a dedicated Portal.

Alert system and alarms
It's possible to configure an alert system: at the occurrence of certain preset events (as water leakage, max. flow level overcoming etc.) an automatic alarm message, either by SMS or email, is sent to registered users on their mobile phone, smart phone or PC.


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