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The remote monitoring and control of WE500 is a fast and user-friendly task that can be done in very few steps by browsing through its built-in web interface.
When there are several dozens or hundreds of devices, connecting to each one of them can be a time consuming task.
Nethix offers a web portal service that provides the control and monitoring of extensive installations that can contain unlimited number of devices.
Nethix's web portal is the right solution for unmanned remote monitoring and control using a centralized server that receives data from Nethix devices via GPRS/HSPA.

The main characteristics that renders Nethix's web portal unique are:

The communication between the server and each one of the devices can take place, according to the application, via GPRS or HSPA in an Always-On or On-Demand modality. This means that the device can be always connected to the server or it can connect just when it needs to send data. In any of these two scenarios, the customer can monitor the devices in real-time. Of course, WE500 can connect to the server via LAN or WLAN.

Monitoring flexibility
A customer can monitor many devices simultaneously. It allows to visualize easily the data received from the remote devices. It receives from each single device its data and alarms that, through its filtering capabilities, can be organized by date/time, by name or by value.

Remote system control
Some devices, such as WE500, can be upgraded or its configuration can be backed-up and restored. Of course, these operations can be done simultaneously in all the devices.

Since the portal is a web service, the customer can connect from a PC or a mobile device using a standard browser that supports standard encrypted protocols (HTTPS).

Availability and portability
The web portal is a service provided by Nethix servers located in a data center that guarantees the availability of the service. However, the customer can install the web portal, under previous agreement with Nethix, in his own data center or even at a third party premises.

The web portal can be customized, as with all the products offered by Nethix, according to specific customers needs. This is specially true for customers that have hundreds or even thousands of devices.

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The web portal was designed for a wide range of applications:

Leakage detection, remote pumps management, irrigation systems, water basins, water treatment plants.

Off-grid power generators, photo voltaic and wind plants.

Access control, monitoring and data logging of industrial machinery, pumps and motors, storage sites, industrial refrigeration, vending machines, environmental and weather station

Smart metering, cathodic protection.

Home automation
Control systems for doors and windows, lighting, automatic door opening, heating and cooling system

Web portal architecture

Device configuration
For sending data to the web portal the device, normally a WE500, has to be configured with the IP address or domain name of the web portal and other common parameters that are properly documented in the device manual.

Device registration in the web portal
Each single devices is registered in the web portal before sending data. This is necessary for authenticating the device and avoiding unauthorized accesses. This step is done in the web portal.

Sending data to the web portal
Once the device and the web portal are properly configured, the device data and events/alarms can be sent to the web portal through the GPRS or HSPA data connection using the Always-On or On-Demand modalities. LAN and WLAN are an alternative.

The web portal checks the credentials of the device and if its allowed, its data is registered in the database. Several devices can send data simultaneously.

Monitoring the data
Once the data is registered, the customer can access it and, through its filtering capabilities, can be organized by date/time, by name or by value. It can also plot multi-trace graphics and export data in several formats such as XLS and CSV.


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