All Nethix products have 24 months warranty period from the purchase date.

The guarantee covers issues resulting from defective parts, components or manufacturing, if they are revealed during the warranty period.

The warranty includes the repair or replacement of the defective parts or components.

Nethix reserves the right to replace the entire device, if considered necessary.

The warranty doesn't cover:

  • Accidental damages caused by an improper use of the device
  • Damages due to loss or non-use of the device
  • Costs resulting from the normal maintenance activity, as stated and recommended on the instruction manuals
  • Damages that may occur directly or indirectly to persons, things or animals, resulting from an incorrect installation, configuration or usage, and due to a wrong interpretation of the instruction manuals
  • Consumable and “wear & tear” parts and components, as for example batteries, lamps etc.

The warranty applies exclusively on those cases, where the defects are revealed and immediately claimed within the agreed warranty period, by sending the Request for repair form, and following the procedure described on the section Support.

The customer care service will then reserve the right to charge the customer with the costs of the service if the defect doesn't fall within the scope of the warranty or if the device has not been proven defective.

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