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WE500 is a complete, flexible and high performance platform that provides wireless unattended remote monitoring and control with 2G or 3G connectivity.It's the ideal solution for the M2M market in which the remote monitoring, control and data logging are the main applications.

Redundancy and reliability
The Dual Modem version includes two completely independent communication channels on mobile network GPRS/HSPA that allow the parallel interaction with two different carriers. The redundancy of the communication channel is granted: the system is composed of two internal modems, two antennas and two different SIM cards.

The purpose of a dual-modem device is to provide wireless connection redundancy to mission-critical systems.

This redundancy, that is unique in the market, provides enhanced availability for system control, monitoring and data logging that makes WE500 a first-in-the-class product.

Since only one modem works at any given time, every time that the system switches from one modem to the other for any reason, it can send notifications via SMS or email to the selected users. It also logs these kind of events for future reference.

The redundancy is provided through three different policies that can be selected according to different users needs:

Switch modem on error
Modem A is always working, but if a connectivity issue arises, such as continuous data connection failures or modem malfunctioning, it switches to modem B and remains on this modem until a new issue arises on this modem causing switch back to modem A.

This is the default policy.

Time sharing
Each modem works for a given period of time. When that period timeouts, it switches to the other modem. The timeouts of each modem can be different.
This policy could be useful when the user wants to consume the SIMs credit evenly.
If modem A is currently working and presents an issue such as continuous data connection failures or modem malfunctioning, it switches to modem B and remains on this modem until its period times out. At that moment, it switches back to modem A.

Priority to given modem
One of the two modems, eg. modem A, is always working. If a connectivity issue arises, such as continuous data connection failures or modem malfunctioning, it switches to modem B, but it keeps monitoring modem A until it recovers. At that point it switches back to modem A and remains on it.


Monitors the system status and detects parameters changes. WE500 provides a sophisticated events system that allow to send SMS, email or rings when it detects changes in activation thresholds, one or more parameters simultaneously or even based in mathematical expressions.

Data logging
Stores periodically the system parameters specified by the user. Al the monitored parameters and triggered events are stored in the capable internal memory, in an external USB key or they can even be sent to a web portal at user defined intervals.

WE500 connectivity is quite flexible since it can be reached through the 2G or 3G modem, the local area network (LAN) or even the wireless local area network (WLAN)

All the data that WE500 monitors can be displayer in real-time using multi-race graphics or tabulates that can be easily exported for further processing.

WE500 can be completely configured and monitored directly through its web interface; there is no need to install additional software.

WE500 is a core product inside the Nethix solutions ecosystem and therefore it is naturally integrated to other services and products offered by the company. The web portal provides the control and monitoring of extensive installations with hundreds or thousands of devices whilst the intuitive app for mobile devices allows to monitor in real time the status of the system.

WE500 reflects the state-of-the-art in remote monitoring and control. Thus, it can be said that WE500 is:

Its functioning only requires a power source and an enabled SIM card.

Web based
WE500 can be completely configured and monitored through the internal web based interface.

WE500 is the ideal device for custom solutions since its hardware and software can be easily customized due to the fact that it has been designed, developed and manufactured by Nethix in Italy.

The functioning of the device does not need any kind of human interaction.

Thanks to the modularity and flexibility of WE500, it is the ideal solution for remote monitoring, control and data logging with a wide spread range of applications:


Leakage detection, remote pumps management, irrigation systems, water basins, water treatment plants.


Off-grid power generators, photo voltaic and wind plants.


Access control, monitoring and data logging of industrial machinery, pumps and motors, storage sites, industrial refrigeration, vending machines, environmental and weather stations.


Smart metering, cathodic protection.

Home automation
Control systems for doors and windows, lighting, automatic door opening, heating and cooling systems.



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