Thanks to their versatility and adaptability, Nethix remote monitoring and control devices can be successfully used in many industrial areas such as the remote management of generators, power plants, pumps, industrial refrigerators, irrigation systems and many others.

In the industrial automation and remote management areas, Nethix devices allow to perform the following functions:
Program from a remote location the activation-deactivation of any electronic device
Connect to a critical device that is geographically distant in order to check their operating status and their productivity
Reduce the number of the required maintenance and control activities on site, avoiding related service costs
Monitor in real-time and directly from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, or PC the status of any system 24/7
Manage events and alerts by sending alarm messages to pre-configured users
Collect data, gathered from all devices, in a single data-service Portal, where the records can be read and elaborated in multi-trace charts and tables.

Nethix solutions for the remote management are versatile, reliable and customizable, they can be adapted to any specific application regardless of its size.

The parameters controlled and managed by Nethix devices are freely configurable, according to the supervised system and the application required.

Here are some examples:
Level control and management (battery charge, fuel or lubricants quantity, pressure level, ...)
Temperature control
Status of mains and engines in power generators

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