Unattended monitoring of plants and installations

Data acquisition through sensors or through standard and proprietary communication protocols

Centralized management of complex or multiple installations on portal or cloud

Nethix remote monitoring solutions allow to collect variables and signals through probes and sensors, or using standard or proprietary communication protocols. The collected data are then made available through email reports or via FTP, MQTT and HTTP.

The data management, granted by Nethix monitoring solutions, can be:


All system’s data can be collected and displayed on a Server or Cloud offered either by Nethix, or by the customer or by any third party, as Dropbox, Cumulocity, Carriots or other similar commercial platforms.

Modular and expandable

All the installations can be easily expanded, including more and more devices and stations, according to the growing requirements of the project.


Nethix offers a variety of different products and services, that allow to propose the most suitable and tailor-made solution for each specific application or project.