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Monitors the system status and detects parameters changes. WE500 provides a sophisticated events system that allows to send SMS, emails or rings, when it detects changes in activation threshold, in one or more parameters simultaneously or even based in mathematical expressions.


Stores periodically the system parameters specified by the user. All the monitored parameters and triggered events are stored in the capable internal memory, in an external USB key or they can even be sent to a web portal at user defined intervals.


Through a VPN channel WE500 provides a direct and transparent communication to the monitored devices and machines. It allows to interact in real time and provide remote assistance.


Remotely handles the different functions of a system: switching on/off, parameters settings and thresholds activation. WE500 provides different communication mechanisms for system controlling, including the most popular protocols of the Indystry 4.0 (Modbus, TCP/IP and others).

Simple and intuitive user interface

The WE500R can be completely configured and monitored directly through its built-in web interface; there is no need to install additional software. Back-up and restore functionalities allow to replicate a configuration across many devices making the configuration of several racks or cooling units extremely fast.

WE500R is a core product inside Nethix ecosystem and can be perfectly integrated with all other services offered by Nethix. Nethix Cloud provides the possibility of controlling and monitoring also extensive installations, composed by several machines and devices.