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It's always possible to program the GSM modem inside the WE120 device, using standard AT commands. There is no need to enable this programming mode.

If the standard control activities of the WE120 interfere with the modem it's also possible to disable them using the MODEMONLY command.

This may happen if the SMS Service Center Number has not been properly setup.

To configure the SMSC number send a text with the CENTER command to the WE110. Please consult your network operator to obtain the proper SMSC number for your SIM card. For example, if using a Vodafone-Italy SIM card, send the following text to the WE110:

  • CENTER +393492000200

Please note also that sometimes this is not necessary, when the SMSC number is preloaded into the SIM card by the network operator.

Generally speaking is necessary to verify also the GSM network coverage and signal strength in the place where the WE110 is installed. Proper system behaviour is not guaranteed with insufficient GSM signal.

Please use a high gain antenna in case of problems, together with an RF extension cable long enough to move the antenna in an open place.

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