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WE500 R is a redundant, autonomous and high performance Dual Modem 3G + 2G wireless solution specifically designed for the ICT and broadcasting industry for remote monitoring, control and data logging. It is a full-featured device with capabilities that range from a built-in web server to SNMP, VPN and UPS.

The WE500 R provides a redundant connectivity thanks to its unique Dual Modem 3G + 2G with two antennas and two different SIM cards. The WE500 R provides also LAN and wireless LAN connectivity. Any of these channels can be used to establish a secure and reliable VPN between the WE500 R and the customer monitoring stations.

The WE500 R contains a switch mode power supply with battery backup that detects the network status and battery power outages. This capability, when needed, powers-off the WE500 R safely and informs one or more selected users.

Remote management
The WE500 R remotely handles the different functions of a modern rack with its cooling unit. It provides different communication mechanisms to the managed units including protocols such as Modbus and standard digital and analog inputs.

Data logging and delivery
The WE500 R stores periodically the specified system parameters . All the monitored parameters and triggered events are stored in the capable internal memory. WE500 R delivers data through secure channels to the customer's servers or cloud services using standard protocols.

The WE500 R continuously monitors the rack status parameters such as the temperature or the door opening/closing and signal alarms based on the value of these parameters. The alarms can trigger different types of actions such as sending an email, SMS or modifying other parameters.

The WE500 R can be completely configured and monitored directly through its built-in web interface; there is no need to install additional software. Backup and restore functionalities allow to replicate a configuration across many devices making the configuration of several racks or cooling units extremely fast.

WE500 R is a core product inside the Nethix solutions ecosystem and therefore it is naturally integrated into the solutions portfolio offered by the company. Nethix's cloud portal provides the control and monitoring of extensive rack installations.

Highly customizable
WE500 R is the ideal device for hardware and software custom solutions for the ICT industry. WE500 R is completely designed, developed and manufactured by Nethix in Italy.


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