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WE120 is a compact, affordable and robust solution for remote monitoring and control in the industrial and home automation fields. The WE120, through its quad band 2G modem, easily handles electrical appliances using SMS messages and voice calls.

The WE120 is a completely autonomous system that only needs a power source and an enabled SIM card. It is also an unmanned device since it does not require local interaction with a human operator. The WE120 can remotely manage small automated systems activating relay outputs and reading analog/digital inputs with just a voice call or a single SMS message.

The configuration and operation of the WE120 are based on voice calls and SMS communication. It automatically notifies with an SMS the status of several parameters such as alarms, inputs and sensors to registered users that are password protected.

The app for mobile devices allows to manage one or more WE120 with an intuitive, fast and reliable interface. The WE120 also supports traditional SMS messages for legacy phones.

The Genesys program for the PC allows to perform the same operations as the app plus all the advanced operations, such as firmware upgrades, in a straight-forward fashion using a web-like interface.


Industrial plants
Heating and chiller plants
Weather monitoring
Vending machines

Water leakage
Pump control
Level monitoring
Water treatment plants

Home and bulding automation
Heating and air-conditioning systems
Gate opening systems

Wireless meter reading
Cathodic protection

Plants monitoring

Input/Output MODBUS RS845 RTU serial expansions
UPS500 power source and battery backup
PS100 power source
Ethernet connector
Temperature probes


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