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Nowadays, having an app for managing a device is a trendy fashion, but for a remote monitoring and control device such as the WE500, it is just a natural evolution.

The remote monitoring process of an unmanned and autonomous device must be accessible at any moment from any place. The Apps developed inside Nethix for all its remote monitoring and control devices assures that the customer is in touch with its devices at a glance.

The Apps are designed for simplicity in mind. They allow to manage one or more devices that can be organized by areas or groups. For each single device, all the system parameters can be monitored.

The user can create lists of favorites parameters that can be accessed immediately. This is very useful in many cases where there are critical parameters that must be monitored continuously. Other uses are in the home automation where several elements are accessed quite often such as the garage doors or the porch lights.

The Apps are developed for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free from their respective stores.

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