Nethix solutions allow a detailed control over lighting, heating, cooling, security, appliances and more.

These solutions can help to reduce energy consumption, increase security and make a home more comfortable.

The Nethix range of products aim to reduce the cost of equipment, installation and complexity of current home automation solutions.

Independently of which Nethix product or solution is chosen, it can be adapted to specific customer requirements thanks to the versatility of its products and the know-how and flexibility of Nethix's R&D team. All this is feasible due to the fact that all products are designed, developed and manufactured in Italy.

Doors and windows control
Nethix products allow to manage and program gates, doors, windows and shutters directly from a smartphone, tablet or PC.
The status of all devices can be constantly monitored and displayed at any time on mobile devices thanks to apps created specially for this purpose.

Control temperature
The thermostat function of Nethix devices allow to manage efficiently the activation/deactivation of heating or conditioning systems, boilers and stoves.

Alarm management
When a configured event is triggered or there are malfunctions in the system, it's possible to configure the automatic sending of alarm messages via SMS or email to authorized users that can include a description of the triggered event along with the values of the monitored parameters.

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