Nethix wireless controllers can be successful applied in the gas-distribution management for the supervision of large pipelines systems and gas transportation networks and for monitoring the end-distribution grid to users.

Thanks to the real-time analysis of the distribution grid data, performed by Nethix's controllers, it is possible to find leaks or inefficiencies of the network. This allows an optimisation of the grid management and reduces significantly wastes and costs.

Many parameters can be monitored through Nethix devices, such as:

The flow level inside pipelines or gathering stations
Status and functionality of the devices and components involved in the system (such as pumps)
Flow of input and output points

Through the monitored parameters it's possible to:
Detect leaks and their location
Provide relevant data for the management and invoicing of the distribution service to end-users
Evaluate and estimate the gas consumption on the grid
Elaborate the gathered information into charts or tables for a better analysis of the grid functionality.



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