Nowdays the highest level of automation and technology is required in the branch of energy supply and management.

All energy-production systems require in fact a constant monitoring and supervision in order to grant an immediate reaction and solution in case of malfunctions or changing of the environmental conditions.

With Nethix remote management solutions is now possible to grant a high performance of the managed systems, collecting and analysing the production data optimising the maintenance and reducing the costs and wastes.

Photovoltaic plants
Nethix remote monitoring and control products are the ideal solution for managing and supervise photo-voltaic installations, from the smallest and simplest ones with few strings for private use, up to complex industrial-scale with hundreds of strings.

Monitoring and data collection
All parts and components of a photo-voltaic installation such as sensors, inverters and strings can be monitored and controlled in real time, giving regular feedback on all variables that include current production, total energy production, profit and saved CO2.

Remote control
Based on the analysis of the collected data, it's possible to remotely manage the system, programming the activation-deactivation of the devices of the system, according to the real environmental conditions.

Data Availability
Nethix devices allow to collect, send and elaborate all system's data. All records can be visualised and easily read on mobile device such as smartphones, tablets or PCs or can even be sent to a remote Portal.

Diagnostics and alerts
All failures or malfunctions of the monitored system can be easily detected and notified to selected users or to a remote host server via SMS or email.


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wind energy 2

Wind farms
Nethix solutions for the remote management can be successfully applied also on wind park installations and eolic systems: they are the best solution also for those systems that are geographically distant or inaccessible.
The constant monitoring of the system and of the productivity of the eolic turbines help reducing the maintenance activity.

Production Monitoring
Nethix devices constantly keep monitored the performance of each single turbine and its components such as current, pressure and oil temperature inside the gear box, drive train and yaw system as well as the complete windpark. The collected production data can be sent periodically to a data-center or Portal, in order to allow a real evaluation of the system productivity.
The records can be read from a smartphone, tablet or PC, and can be also elaborated in charts or tables according to the requirements of the specific application.

An efficient diagnostic system is provided in order to react at the occurrence of failures or malfunctions in real-time, and restore the original production status in a very short time, avoiding losses and costs.

Maintenance Planning and Optimisation
Following up the analysis of the monitored parameters, it's possible to plan and arrange in advance an efficient maintenance program, targeting a reduction of the system management costs.

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